EIT Health

EIT Health was established as a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) in 2015 by the European Institute for Technology and Innovation, with the goal of supporting innovation in healthcare to improve the sustainability of healthcare systems, promote healthy living and active ageing, and enhance the overall well-being of people across Europe.

Since 2015, the EIT Health partnership has grown to become the largest health innovation network in Europe. As a public-private innovation partnership EIT Health leverages the expertise of more than 150 leading organisations spanning key areas of healthcare, such as pharma, medtech, payers, research institutions and universities. With the aim of stimulating the potential of emerging innovation clusters, EIT Health also added Innostars to its network with industry partners, academics and healthcare providers from Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Wales.

As a powerful innovation platform, the network is uniquely positioned in terms of breadth, core-competencies and experience to tackle the health care challenges Europe is facing.

Learn more about the partners and their key activities in this overview of the EIT Health partners.

From 2016 to present UCPH has collaborated with more than 70 EIT Health partners through various EIT Health funded projects.