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About Climate-KIC

The Climate-KIC network aims to create consistency between private, public and academic initiatives on climate change. The goal of the Climate-KIC network is to find solutions to environmental challenges through cooperation between sectors – and to help green startups grow.

The focus of Climate-KIC is green solutions, which can be anything from recycling portals and shared economic initiatives for energy efficiency and pollution-reducing concepts.

It is essential for Climate-KIC to create new green solutions across public and private bodies, since the network believes it is the most effective way to avoid massive climate change and simultaneously the best way of creatíng growth - both locally and globally.

Climate-KIC was started by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in 2009, and Climate-KIC Nordic provides a Scandinavian platform as well as a center for innovation that address climate change and the challenges it brings.

The Climate-KIC network is nonprofit and operated with funds from academic partners from the private sector and funds from the EU through the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Through the work of creating connections between green business ideas, start-ups, academia and public and private sectors our goal is, that in the process of creating new products, services and jobs in Europe we can put a global green footprint on climate change.

The University of Copenhagen is part of Climate-KIC Nordic, which is one of six different regional centres i Europe.

You can get in touch with Climate-KIC through the University of Copenhagen or by contacting Climate-KIC directly.